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Gomoku game is one of the simpler and more popular versions of the ancient board game of “GO”. But despite its simple rules Gomoku has a long history and is very thrilling and challenging. It requires the tactical skills and strategic thinking for being able to master the game.

The game goes between two players on a square board by making moves with black and white pieces (stones). The board has horizontal and vertical lines (from 9×9 to 19×19). All the moves are placed on the lines intersections. The first move by the beginner of the game (usually Blacks) has to be made to the center of the board. After that the second player moves to the empty place inside the central square 3×3 near the black stone. The next move (the 2nd Black’s move) has to be inside the central square 5×5. All next moves can be made to the any free board place. The first player to get an unbroken line of five stones whether vertically, horizontally, or diagonally, wins the game. An overline (an unbroken row consisting of six or more stones) is not counted as a win for both players, and the game goes on.

Free Renju – the rules are the same as in Gomoku, but the second Black’s move (the 3d game move) have to be made outside the central square 5×5.

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