History of Four in a Row (Connect 4)

Try to win in the classic Four in a Row game! Also known as Connect four, Four in a Row has very interesting history.

This game is the product of Howard Wexler’s mind. Wexler was born and raised in New York, played punch ball, stickball and basketball. He has worked since he was 11 years old.

“I was, am, dyslexic,” says Howard Wexler. “I thought I was dumb right up until high school and took shop instead of language courses.” Those high school mechanical classes probably helped him more than the doctorate he achieved at Fordham University because Wexler still fashions his initial models and inventions by hand.

Wexler the inventor of the four in a row game

One day the interesting thought came to Howard: “All games play on a horizontal plane (Checkers, Chess, etc.). What if I invented a game that was on a vertical plane?”.

Four in a Row game started its history in 1973 and was first sold under the Connect Four trademark by Milton Bradley (now Hasbro) in February 1974.

Connect four vertical game

Today it’s one of the widely known games. You can find it in many different forms and sizes. People buy about seven million Connect 4 games every year!

Four in a row large size

You can download Four in a Row vertical board game from Google Play and play it online on our site.

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