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A brief history of Gomoku

Gomoku game is also known as “Five in a Row” in English countries. It is one of the simpler and more popular versions of the ancient board game of “GO” and has a long history. But despite its simple rules Gomoku is a logic board game more complex and difficult than Tic Tac Toe and […]

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A brief history of Sudoku

Sudoku is the widely known puzzle that improves your memory, stimulates your mind, learns to do things quickly, increases your concentration power and makes you happier when a solution is found! The name Sudoku or more correctly 数独 comes from Japan and consists of the Japanese characters Su (meaning ‘number’) and Doku (meaning ‘single’) but […]

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Welcome to our 2xD Games website! We are creators of the puzzle games and we gladly give you the opportunity to play free games that will not only brighten up time but will improve your memory, concentration power, speed in taking decisions and, considering the complexity of the games, stress resistance. Our puzzles are waiting […]

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